How to choose a blender?

How to choose a blender?

How to choose a blender?

Correct method of choosing blender:

1. Check if it has the product identification includes brand, trademark, specification, model, voltage parameters, power parameters, symbols of power supply nature, etc.

CRANDDI blender tag

CRANDDI blender tag

2. If you have a chance to go to physical store, you can try it out, and see if it's less noise and vibration during operation.

3. All electric blender should be have safety lock - The products can operate normally only when the container is on position and completely installed.

CRANDDI blender-safety lock

4. It is best to choose a brand products. In fact, word of mouth is also very important in selecting sand ice machine. A brand recognized by the public is more reliable than any publicity. Before understanding the details of a product, it's best to recognize its brand and know whether it has perfect after-sales service.

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