Key Features

Quiet Design with 80oz Large Capacity
Soundproof shield cover to reduce the noise to less 70db(within 1 meter) and avoid any splatter or leaking while blending.
2200 Watt Powerful Motor 38,000 RPM
CRANDDI K90 has 2200 watt of motor power, including auto shut-off smart technology, 38,000 RPM can blend tough ingredients even stone.
3D Blade Assembly
Precisely designed 3 layer multi-angle crushing blades to create an excellent taste.
A Heavy Duty Commercial Blender
Cover height: 19.8"!! This blender is very tall, doesn't fits on the counter under cabinet.
Safe to Use and Easy to Clean
There has a jar sensor to protects the engine and your safety. Self-cleaning help you release your hand, just add a drop of dish soap and water then pulse. Provides 1 year warranty and spare jar.

1. How to buy a blender?

You can purchase our products through Amazon. We're support you to buy on,,, Please go to the product detail page and click the buy on button.
CRANDDI blender not only for making smoothies, but also for making fresh juice, frozen desserts, sauces, shake milk, baby food, Salsa, puree, etc.
We don't recommend that. Because kneading the dough or blending other high sticky food will shorten the life of the machine. It's suggested to buy a machine that specializes in kneading the dough.
Package includes: pitcher jar, 20 oz to-go cup, tamper, lid, cookbook, user manual. We also provide spare pitcher/jar, blades, wrench, lid, tamper, you can get them on or
No there isn’t. Nothing just on/off and speed buttons
It plugs into the typical 110V, 15 amp outlet and works fine. Besides, we also provide 220V for UAE and AU.

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