1. How to buy a blender?

You can buy CRANDDI blender through amazon.com or amazon.ca. Also, you can directly buy through this website, and we will ship your order within 7 days.
CRANDDI blender not only for making smoothies, but also for making fresh juice, frozen desserts, sauces, shake milk, baby food, Salsa, puree, etc.
Not suggested. Because kneading the dough or blending other high sticky food will shorten the life of the machine. It's suggested to buy a machine that specializes in kneading the dough.
CRANDDI provide spare parts like: blender jar/pitcher, assembly blade and wrench, lid, tamper, you can get them on amazon.com

YES, see the answers from other customer

Marlene · November 27, 2021

Absolutely!! I love mine had it for about 6 months now and use it twice a day sometimes and still runs like new!

Joy · November 27, 2021

I think it should but never use mine for smoothies..

Linda T · November 28, 2021

I use it like this: I fill it as completely full as possible, making enough for several days, and have never used it for just a single serving. However I can't imagine why it would not work for smaller than "filled-to-the-brim" smoothies. But one caveat: when making a batch, as I did earlier today, I often partially fill it, then blend a bit, then add more, then blend, etc., and when it is initially only partly filled with mostly liquid before adding fruits or veggies, the liquid will splatter and splash almost violently upward and outward, with no solids to slow it down. This is a good reason and reminder to fit the lid snugly on the top to make certain the liquid doesn't splatter out. So for one serving, it might be a good idea to add everything all at once, or at least mostly all at once, as the presence of the solids will cut down on splash. Mine is so easy to clean because I fill it so full (don't overfill though) that all the solids along with the base liquid (I often use beet juice) will blend nicely into a slurry which is easy to clean with hot water and bottle brush. Love it. Hope this helps.

Package includes: pitcher jar, 20 oz to-go cup, tamper, lid, cookbook, user manual.

It depends on which model you have

K90 and K80 Quiet Shield Blender

2200 Watt, 38,000 RPM

K95 and K98C Blender

1800 Watt, 28,000 RPM

YL-010 Professional Blender

1500 Watt, 24,000 RPM